Kenya – Day 6 (Nakuru National Park)

Nakuru National Park

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Nakuru had an entirely different terrain and feel than the Maasai Mara and Serengeti and it was quite lovely. And the trip there was quite important. Why you might ask? We were all still missing the last of the Big 5 – the infamous rhino – which allegedly could be found at Nakuru National Park. Moreover, we were told we were in for a delightful treat of armies of pink and white flamingos and we got so much more than expected including a slew of monkeys climbing on the trees right next to us!

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

When I say “we” I mean my third and then my fourth group of friends. As a solo traveler I get moved around a lot to wherever there is space. I started the day with James Bond, our driver, and Bonnie and Allister, Axel and Margaret, Mark and Nicole and Joe from NY and switched to Richard, our Kukuyo driver, Mark, my soon to be new roommate from China, Werner and Victoria from Austria, Ria and Tom from the UK, Lola from Spain and Anika from Germany. I was also with Regina and Roberta, sisters from Italy for a bit. It was a blessing to be with so many groups and to meet sooooooo many incredible people! I love traveling solo!



And when I say “space”, in this case, there was a spot on the floorboard of the safari van and I got to ride on my beloved Eagle Creek bag for an all day journey to Amboseli National Park.  Eagle Creek you never let me down!!

And guess what? It’s official, I have now seen the Big 5!!

Rhinos of Nakuru

Photography by Suzanne J. DuBose

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Baby Rhino of Nakuru

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Unfortunately, the pink flamingos were too far away for a good photograph of them but I assure you there was thousands of them in the flock and it was beautiful when they all took off at the same time.

Pink Flamingos of Nakuru

We also got to see some authentic local markets and villages in route to Amboseli.  I love watching the locals do their thing.

Upon arrival in Amboseli, we had our New Year’s Eve feast, sat around a campfire and did some singing and other silliness before I climbed my exhausted butt into my tent and slept through the remainder of 2017 – which by the way was a full moon at the equator, can you imagine.

That’s all for now from Nakuru and the last of 2017.


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