Kenya – Day 7 (Amboseli National Park)

A desert? A swamp? Rolling plains? The tallest mountain in Africa? Palm trees? Acacia? Life? Death? Elephants? Eagles? Zebras? Hippos? Hyenas? Sandbills? What would you like? Amboseli National Park in Kenya Africa is 390 square km of whatever you want to order right off the menu. How does it differ from other safaris? Well where do I begin….


For one, you won’t believe the different terrain. It’s not just a desert as most think. When the volcano erupted that formed Kilimanjaro, it also created a year round swamp as a spring of life in the center of a desert and what happens when water appears in the middle of a desert? No, not a mirage this time but rather a spring for every mammal to migrate too and so it did.

Also, the animals here in Amboseli are all hanging out together like one big happy family – species after species in abundance conjugating in the swamp to stay cool and migrating methodically away from it when night approaches.

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Here you will see elephants as far as the eye can see, baby elephants splashing about in the mud, mating rituals and grazing and grazing some more. Elephants eat 200-250 kilos a day. Can you imagine!!

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

We saw hyenas for the first time here as well. They get a bad rap thanks to the Lion King, among others, as scavengers, as greedy and cruel but spotted hyenas can be cute and do play a massive role in the circle of life here in Amboseli.

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

We saw two sandhill storks fishing too!

A zebra calf nursing!

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

And a view to die for.

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Amboseli is a definite MUST on any trip to East Africa. And if you are lucky enough to see it with cool people like I did, then all the better.


And just to make it all the more interesting, we found ourselves in the storm of all storms.  Thank goodness for KÜHL waterproof pants and waterproof jacket as I can assure you my camping tent did very little to keep us dry.  My new roomie, Mark, and I did everything we could to keep our stuff dry and to not float away before it was done pummeling us.  The aftermath was quite something to see in daylight the following morning too not to mention the sunrise with a snow covered Kilimanjaro in the background.  Amazing. So check out tomorrow’s blog as well.


So what a Happy New Year and what a way to spend it – at the equator in Amboseli National Park in Kenya Africa with the moon directly across the sky from the sun which is alleged to assist in bringing balance in the new year. Probably didn’t hurt that it was a full moon too!

That’s all for now from Amboseli! Happy New Year!




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