Quick lunch and a Red Bull with one of the nicest people – Shakira (not that one lol)  – in Turks and Caicos a/k/a TIC before catching an 18 passenger prop plane to Country 84 – Dominican Republic – with IntercaribbeanTurks and Caicos doesn’t count as an independent country on my RTW “list” but it counts on every other list i.e. it gets a big OLE WOW. Just take a half hour prop plane ride out of TIC to wherever or even back to TIC so you can see an unimaginable spectrum of the color blue.

Below is a half hour out by plane. Look at the colors change!!!

If you have any questions or can add something about Turks and Caicos in general, I would love to hear from you so submit the form below. Then go unlock the Travelirvana in you.



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