The Republic of the Philippines is a conglomeration of some 7,641 islands covering 120,000 square miles. My trip here barely scratched the surface on this paradise in the Pacific  which counts some of the most warm and generous people on earth. In all, over 100 million people call the Philippines home making it the 12th most populated country in the world and nearly 10 million Filipinos live abroad.

The islands are bounded by the South China Sea on the west, the Philippine Sea on the east and the Celebes Sea on the southwest. The Philippines were colonized by the Spanish in 1521, thus a lot of Spanish is spoken in addition to the native language. Also, the islands were an American protectorate from 1896 until 1946 when the Philippines was recognized as an independent nation. The country’s position on the Pacific Ring of Fire and closeness to the equator make it subject to earthquakes and typhoons but  this location also results in abundant natural resources and some of the world’s greatest biodiversity. I can assure you that you’ll find whatever makes your heart content in this gem of a country.

Below are the list of places I chose to visit:

  1.  Pangloa Island/Alona Beach

Sleep on a bamboo mat on Panglao Island with nothing but a mosquito net and experience real Filipino living but be forewarned you will need a few massages to overcome the pain you will suffer from having done so.  No worries though as they cost a mere $9USD per hour and Alona Beach is a beautiful place to get that massage. Click here to learn more about Pangloa Island and Alona Beach here.

2.  Bohol

Best way to visit Bohol and surrounding areas is with Michael at NRV Land Tours.

Visit the Chocolate Hills and learn about the legend of the heartbroken giant who cried tears forming this geological phenomenon. Click here to learn more about the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Drive through the Man Made Forest which is a conservation project spawned  by students back in the 1960’s who planted trees that have now grown into a canopy of utter bliss and beauty. Click here to learn more about the Man Made Forest in Bohol.

Take a walk on the wild side on Bohol’s Bamboo Hanging Bridges said to be stronger than iron but I assure it didn’t feel that secure! Click here to learn more about the Bamboo Bridges of Bohol.

Learn about butterflies at the Butterfly Garden including what I jokingly refer to as the Thai lady boy. Click here to learn more about the Butterfly Garden of Bohol.

Visit the Philippines Tarsier Sanctuary and learn about these fist sized endangered creatures that remind me of Star Wars’ ewoks. Click here to learn more about the real Philippines Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol.

2.  Oslob

Swim with the massive whale sharks in Oslob and learn about the largest fish there is in the world. Click here to learn more about swimming with whale sharks in Oslob.

3.  Siargao

Enjoy the tranquility of Siargao and while there you must surf Cloud Nine. Click here to learn more about my trip to Siargao.

4.  Boracay

See how an overabundance of tourism can harm a country like in Boracay but if and when you can go there again, be sure and wind surf, kite surf and enjoy the nightlife.  Click here to learn more about my trip to Boracay.

5.  Fairways and Blue Waters

Golf and soak up the sun at Fairways and Blue Waters. This resort of all resorts is a mere $68/USD a night and you will leave here refreshed and relaxed. Click here to learn more about the Fairways and Blue Waters Resort.

And definitely check out some other islands in the Philippines depending on what you like and how much time you have.  Click here to learn about some other options.

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