Travelirvana Feature: The Photography of Stephanie Arguelles

Stephanie Anne Arguelles is a 24-year-old photographer based in Manila, Philippines. She loves to travel and capture the emotions that places emit. Stephanie believes that every place has a wonderful story to tell that evokes the most precious emotions within a person. Being in a place is like standing in a million different moments. Just knowing that makes you understand how fleeting a moment is and how wonderful it is to capture it within the four borders of a photograph. Her photography focuses mainly on cityscapes and landscapes but on occasion, she will venture to abstract photography.

Street Crossings by Stephanie Arguelles


Boards in Wait by Stephanie Arguelles


From Up Here by Stephanie Arguelles


Preservation of History by Stephanie Arguelles


Golden Gate Sunset by Stephanie Arguelles


Remnants of Conflict by Stephanie Arguelles

Stephanie is currently doing collaborations with abstract artists through combining two mediums of art, photography and abstract painting. She plans on opening a photography gallery in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines in the future as a way to showcase her work and the work of other emerging photographers. Stephanie is currently selling her photography on and you can find and follow her on her Instagram: @pixelperfect021518


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