So how did I get here – traveling the world and writing about it – you are perhaps wondering?    I, like so many of you, have dreamed of seeing the world as far back as early childhood. The fire was stoked by the many adventure filled stories of travel and history my mother shared on the way to and from school each day.

Until the age of 18, I considered every option to accomplish this goal I, however, found myself pregnant and alone at 18 – something that will change your life’s direction in a heartbeat. My life goal went from seeing the world to creating a world fit for my daughter. I became a lawyer, busted through the glass ceiling after only 8 years of practicing and had the corner office, the convertible jaguar, the designer clothes and shoes, the penthouse but nothing else  and after two more years I shattered that world I had so carefully crafted.

I was exhausted from 18 hour days, alone, drinking too much and when my daughter left for college, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted out of life. I spent the next few years trying to answer those questions and with the help of God, a lot of research, and even more self-reflection, I discovered that the child-like dreamer still existed but now armed with God, sobriety, wisdom, fortitude and a law license, the world was again my oyster.

On November 14, 2015, I began liquidating my assets, took my law practice virtual, kissed my family and friends goodbye and got on an airplane a few months later to Sri Lanka. As of the date of this post, I am on country 74 out of 197 and have since been convinced to share this incredible journey around the globe and the journey we call life with all of you.

Dale Patridge