Pawenang, Indonesia

Bikes, bikinis, beaches, buddies, beauty in the day and a movie on the beach and get this a "Silent Disco" at night in the Gili Islands. As this is a Muslim island there is no music on Thursdays - day of worship here - so the clubs hand out these awesome headphones to everyone and …

Tegallalang, Indonesia

Eat, pray, love your heart out Elizabeth Gilbert....this is my Ketut...a farmer in the rice fields north of Ubud...I think he fancied my friend Sabin more than me 😉 And yes I also stumbled upon Wayan's healing center today...LOVE LOVE LOVE this magical place

Bali, Indonesia

Om swastiastu from Bali... Surf's Up!! Welcome to the Kingdom of Surfing in Kuta, Bali where maneuvering through the waves is tricky and maneuvering through the Aussies even trickier - took a good smack to the head by a surfboard - turned out it was my own