WordPress wants to know “Where is my place in the world?”  When I started my Round The World Tour 2.5 years ago and 82 countries ago, I would have said on a white sand beach next to cerulean colored water, toes in the sand and book in my hand. I learned relatively quickly that wasn’t the truth about me. I found peace and the very best version of myself in an entirely different place. When people asked about my favorite places in the world and my favorite experiences I realized I was responding with answers like Mirador del Torres in Torres del Paine, Chile; hiking the most dangerous trail in the world – Mt. Huashan in China and my summit to the Rooftop of Africa – Kilimanjaro. It is only coincidence that this week’s topic for the Place in the World happens to be the week I climbed Huayna Picchu in Peru. Once again, I was reminded where my place is in the world.  I belong all alone on the top of a mountain as close to God as anyone can get while still in this world.

If you want to find your place in the world, then go Unlock the Travelirvana in you.