Little Corn, Nicaragua: Day 10


Amira and I canceled our flight back to Managua and set out today to make yesterday’s home office a more permanent set up. We are going to explore the island including seeing a 1/4 acre tract of land for sale by Dave and are going to meet up with Joanna  – the island’s closest thing to a real estate agent. We have already spoken to several ex pats regarding which Nica attorney we should use, title company, insurance company, contractors, labor and to discuss issues regarding electricity, water, internet, and other requisite services we all normally take for granted when we purchase a home in the first world countries.

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Along with searching for acreage for sale in our off the beaten path tropical paradise, we did some swimming and sunbathing and lobster eating and coconut drinking at Yemaya Beach. Followed up by yoga at sunset at Funk Yoga with Jack – she is one of the most relaxing yoga instructors and this was by far the most relaxing yoga experiences in general that I’ve had in the world. The breeze from the Nica coast caressing you lovingly through each pose. What a rough day!!! And it’s not over yet. We were invited to Dorinia’s for a special 3 course meal at her home. You must make reservations in advance but it is a recommended dining experience when you come to the island. At $25 a person it was a little steep price wise but I’m glad we did it.  We ended our night at Desidiri’s over a highly charged game of gin rummy. Yes! Highly charged! DC, our favorite bartender, had to jokingly remind us it was a family establishment! Carolina from Sweden had beginners luck and kicked our everlasting arses!

That’s all for now. Lots of love from a little slice of heaven.

Little Corn, Nicaragua: Day 7

“It’s another day for you and me in paradise” by Phil Collins is the theme for the day, for the week and perhaps longer as I just might have to buy/build a place here. Little Corn is without a doubt the perfect balance of all things you want in an island getaway. Idyllic is the best word to describe it. The hardened sand trails through the jungle filled with palm trees, flowers I haven’t seen before and other foliage lead to the oceanic splendor of Caribbean green and blues. There are times when walking alone during the day that you feel like you are on a deserted island playing a character in the hit series Lost. At night, it is more like a Friday the 13th film walking in the dark jungle guided only by the plentiful stars and perhaps the flashlight or smart phone I would encourage you to carry. No worries though as you are completely safe here. In fact, I feel safer here than anywhere I’ve been which allows for a little running away of the imagination while trying to find your casita tucked away in the garden of trees in the pitch black of night.

Marlin, a local here, took us out on our excursion today at 11:00 (I love Nica time as it is called…you can take your time and enjoy your morning, go for a run or do paddle board yoga or meditation without having to rush to the next activity…no rushing is the definition of Nica time). We loaded the boat full of beer (and my Red Bull), sunscreen as well as snorkeling and fishing gear and not much else and off we went to explore the calm coastal waters (at least they were calm today). We got to see stingrays, incredible coral reefs filled with every color of fish from red, purple, black and yellow and my favorite the Parrot fish which is a translucent cerrelian color with rainbow fins. (We found out later how tasty this fish is as birthday girl Ricki from the Netherlands caught one for us). We also snorkeled around a shipwreck and while sharks have been sited we did not see one today. We did however swim with thousands of tiny clear jelly fish but don’t get anxious as rarely did they sting us and when it did it wasn’t all that painful nor did it last more than 2-5 minutes. In other words, no one had to pee on me today so that was a plus!

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The fishing we did was from a spool of thick fishing line and you merely hook some fresh fish to it and drop the 6″ wrought iron bar (for lack of a better word) into the ocean and let the spool unwind until it hits bottom. Within 3 minutes our group caught our first fish (thanks Sedgwick from the Netherlands) and we as a group caught several more within 15 minutes. We also trolleyed with the heavy duty deep sea fishing rod and while we caught what we thought was a big barracuda, we lost it when trying to reel it in. All the while, our ears were filled with island music compliments of Marlin. It was surreal cruising around the island listening to reggae – sometimes each of us in our own world basking in the glorious sun and sometimes engaging in ridiculous banter interrupted only by our laughter like when we (Americans, Nicaraguans, Swedes, Swiss and Dutch) spent a good twenty minutes trying to remember Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s name. How did we get on that topic you ask? Well August is the spitting image of the handsome Jude Law in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripely.

Lunch time was rather a cool experience. We built a fire on the beach, fried our fish out there, knocked coconuts down from the trees for our beverage, had cucumber and tomato salad and my new favorite fruit bread which is best described as the better tasting version of french fries. Everything we consumed was right from the island with the exception of the local beer Tona and I have no idea where that is brewed. We even ate off of leaves and used our fingers. It was an authentic island barbecue. And after some ocean swimming, handstand contests and sunbathing on the beach we headed back out on the boat for some more snorkeling and a sunset booze cruise.  When the sun hit the horizon it looked like an enormous ball of lava spilling from the sky into the ocean. Utterly blissful day and it wasn’t over yet.corn-island-7

After an outdoor shower in the jungle (my favorite kind of shower) we took the short five to eight minute walk into “town” and splurged at Desideri enjoying carpaccio among other splendid island dishes. And yes lobster fresh from the sea is very popular and affordable here. Following that we took in a live percussionist show at Tranquillo with locals and foreigners alike. We even agreed to sign up for tomorrow night’s karaoke show. Por que no!

After reading some on the terrace of our casita listening to the tide grace the shore, we resigned for the evening under our mosquito net covered beds and let the jungle birds and other jungle creatures serenade us to sleep awakened briefly in the middle of the night by a storm  which only added to the mysterious enchantment of our perfect island day.

That’s all for now and for tomorrow as tomorrow you will be blessed with a story or two from our guest blogger – Amira Hilmy.  Lots of love from Nica’s paradise.