An apple a day takes the doctor away.

Below are some tips for avoiding getting sick on the road and handling it if it happens…and it will happen…

Sometimes nature overtakes you when traveling and interjects an unplanned halt in your journey. This has happened to me on more than one occasion in the three years I have been traveling around the world. It turns out that an apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away especially when you are in another country. It happens to everyone if you have been traveling long enough.

It’s what I not so lovingly call the Asian Flu a/k/a eating street food, not resting enough between adventures, not drinking enough water, drinking too much tap water and failing to use a straw. This “flu” has ripped through me – rather literally – on a few occasions while traveling and no it is not limited to being in Asia.  I have been sick in Cuba, Chile, Rwanda, Romania, Laos, Columbia, Peru and plenty of other places and I’ve suffered from both the stomach flu and colds but this particular story is about being sick in the Philippines.  Here, in Boracay, I had some of the most peculiar symptoms from swollen and bleeding gums to a cramp in only my right calf and foot (so weird) to violent chills, heartburn, one nostril running and numbness in only some of my fingers along with a bladder infection. Of course, the regular symptoms such as unquenchable dehydration regardless of the amount of water and Gatorade I drank (in fact it seemed like it had the opposite effect) and the other ‘no need to mention’ symptoms we have all suffered from at one time or another.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do?

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